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Health Quest Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Workplace Injury Chiropractor & Physical Therapist - Lutherville, MD

While some careers are riskier than others, anyone - young or old, construction site worker or office staff member - can be injured on the job. And once injured, a patient has decisions to make about their next steps and their care. Depending on the nature of an injury, patients may need to look into physical therapy or chiropractic care, as these treatment modalities can aid in the recovery and healing process.

Fortunately, there are care options available to patients dealing with all types of work-related injuries. Health Quest’s team can review your occupation history, discuss your symptoms and routines, and help address the sources of pain and/or trauma. Using a wide variety of modalities, and by making sure patients are comfortable with their therapy program every step of the way, our staff will help you leave your pain behind and get you back to your old self -- and work -- as quickly as possible.


Find Relief from a Workplace Injury with Health Quest Chiropractic & Physical Therapy - Baltimore, MD

Workplace injuries are alarmingly common, and can include everything from traumatic accidents to basic repetitive motions. Our chiropractors are licensed to perform physical therapy, making us uniquely qualified to provide safe, long-lasting relief from workplace injuries. Schedule an appointment online to learn how we can help you!

FAQs on Workplace Injuries:

What Makes a Workplace Injury a Workplace Injury?

All work-related injuries are sustained on the job. Popular culture tends to think of a work injury as something resulting from a major, traumatic accident. However, even repetitive strain from prolonged or repeated basic movements and postures can result in injury. Slips, falls, and strains related to lifting or typing are some of the most common causes of injury. This means office workers are just as likely to need injury-related care as the employees of a construction site or other blue-collar occupation.

Workplace injuries can involve and impact all the joints of the body, including the spine. And even a seemingly minor problem can interfere with a worker’s productivity by making their tasks difficult or painful to complete.

When Should You Seek Help for an Injury?

Should you take a fall or slip while on the job, or even if you experience pain while performing normal job duties for more than several weeks, it’s best to notify your employer or HR representative right away. You should then consult with the care professional of your choice as soon as possible to maximize the speed of your recovery process as well as to get help with a possible workers’ compensation claim.

How Can a Chiropractor (Licensed to Do Physical Therapy) Help Me After an Injury?

A chiropractor licensed to perform physical therapy can assist patients whose pain is caused by musculoskeletal injuries - which affect ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones, and even nerves - to help restore strength, mobility, and activity levels following an injury. These injuries can occur due to trauma or simple wear and tear from daily routines. These specialists use a wide range of techniques designed to reduce pain and tissue inflammation caused by many workplace injuries.

Common work-related injuries that can be treated with chiropractic and physical therapy care include numbness in hands, neck strain, back problems, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and inflammation of tendons.

What Should I Expect from Health Quest?

Health Quest provides a wide range of chiropractic, physical therapy, and rehabilitative services, any or all of which can be blended into a customized care plan based on specific patient needs. As a result, our highly qualified team can ensure that your workplace injury is properly addressed for long-term relief. Our staff will tailor your treatment plan to your specific pain points, and will plan sessions in our office as well as provide an at-home exercise plan.

During each visit, you will meet with your doctor for evaluation and treatment, then move on to prescribed physical therapy protocols in one of our state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities. These supervised protocols will gradually intensify to recondition and strengthen weakened/injured areas as needed.

Ready to schedule an appointment? Our Health Quest team is ready to meet you and help you regain comfort and productivity on the job. Schedule an appointment online or call 410-356-9939 to set up your visit!