Key Health Quest Contacts

Please refer to one of these Health Quest team members or the FAQ to answer questions about any of your clients and/or their case information:
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Referrals and Marketing Materials

Adriane Morrow, Business Development Manager, or 410.356.9939 x109

Christy Kearney, Business Development Manager, or 410.356.9939 x104

Athena DeManss, Business Development Manager, or 410.356.9939 x100

Billing Questions

Kathryn Krueger, Billing Manager, or 410.356.9939 x110

Jessica Smith, A/R Manager, or 410.356.9939 x114

Portal-Related Questions

Athena DeManss, Portal Coordinator, or 410.356.9939 x100

Amberley Clark, Portal Manager, or 410.356.9939 x300

Balance Discussions

Marcy Ettlinger, COO and Practice Manager, or 410.356.9939 x103  or Mobile – 443.253.9837

Medical or Testimony-Related Discussions

Dr. Paul Ettlinger, CEO and Clinical Director, or 410.356.9939 x108  or Mobile – 410.340.1967


How do I open the files for each of my clients?

  • Once you click on a client’s name, the bottom half of the page will reveal all available documents for that person, grouped by category in their respective folders. The (#) next to the folder name tells you the number of files in that particular folder.
  • The far right side has a column labeled “Actions”. Clicking on the icon of a box with an arrow coming out of it will open the file as a PDF. You can either view, print or download from there.

How do I combine files into one single PDF for Demand Packets?

  • First, you must select the files you’d like included by clicking on the radio button to the left of each file name. If you would like all documents in a folder, simply click on the radio button at the top of that folder’s list (to the left of the words “File Name”).
  • To combine the selected files, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Compile Selected PDFs”. This will generate a single, master document with a table of contents on page 1.

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