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Referrals and Marketing Materials

Adriane Williamson, Business Development Manager, in a new tab) or 410.356.9939 x109

Billing Questions

Toni Frieman, Billing Manager, in a new tab) or 410.356.9939 x110

Melissa McCarthy, or 410.356.9939 x301

Portal-Related Questions

Lisa Ungar, Portal Coordinator, in a new tab) or 410.356.9939 x113

Balance Discussions

Marcy Ettlinger, COO and Practice Manager, in a new tab) or 410.356.9939 x103  or Mobile – 443.253.9837

Medical or Testimony-Related Discussions

Dr. Paul Ettlinger, CEO and Clinical Director, in a new tab) or 410.356.9939 x108  or Mobile – 410.340.1967


How do I open the files for each of my clients?  

  • Once you click on a client’s name, the bottom half of the page will reveal all available documents for that person, grouped by category in their respective folders. The (#) next to the folder name tells you the number of files in that particular folder.
  • The far right side has a column labeled “Actions”. Clicking on the icon of a box with an arrow coming out of it will open the file as a PDF. You can either view, print or download from there.

How do I combine files into one single PDF for Demand Packets? 

  • First, you must select the files you’d like included by clicking on the radio button to the left of each file name. If you would like all documents in a folder, simply click on the radio button at the top of that folder’s list (to the left of the words “File Name”).
  • To combine the selected files, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Compile Selected PDFs”. This will generate a single, master document with a table of contents on page 1.